Ready to develop your skills as a radio presenter?

Tuesday 28th June – Tuesday 26th July 2022 (5 sessions – one per week)) 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Cost: £99 per student

Whether you are completely new to radio and are just starting your journey or already have some radio experience, the Erewash Sound Academy is for you.

Our five-session programme is an interactive classroom and studio-based course that will prepare you for creating a demo radio show.

“It gives you so much confidence, you just enjoy yourself.
It’s a way to express yourself”

Developed as an induction programme for new presenters at Erewash Sound, our presenter training course does not assume prior radio knowledge and can provide a valuable launchpad for a career in the media. 

It is an engaging mix of group and individual activities with classroom learning delivered from our facilities at the Media Centre in Cotmanhay and is perfect for confidence building, increasing your technical know-how and gives you inside knowledge on how the industry works.



BRANDING and its importance both on-air and off-air

JINGLES and their complimentary tools

CREATING CONTENT for radio and how it differs from content for other media

MUSIC genres and the music mix

COMPETITIONS from generating interest in your prize to delivering a draw

PROMOS and trailers

INTERVIEWS and preparing your questions

SOCIAL MEDIA as a complimentary medium to your broadcasts

LISTENER INTERACTION and how to make the listener feel a part of the show

BROADCAST RADIO STUDIO with technical and broadcast mixing desk training

LEGAL – become aware of what you should never say or do


From £50 per person, costs refunded for new Erewash Sound members actively volunteering with the radio station

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“I’d definitely recommend it and you’ll have
so much fun while you’re here”