Behind every successful presenter, is a top quality producer, creating and managing content for shows and for individual presenters.

Next course: Starts Monday 10th June 2024
(5 sessions on Mondays, weekly) 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cost: £99 per student
(Ask about our payment plan option to spread the cost)

Whether you are completely new to radio or if you already have some radio experience, the radio producer training course from Erewash Sound is suitable for all skill levels.

Our five-session programme is an interactive classroom and hands-on course that will prepare you for roles in radio production.

” Very professional and detailed. I learned such a lot ”

Our producer training course was originally developed as an induction programme for new producers at Erewash Sound.

As with our presenter course, it does not assume prior radio knowledge and can provide a valuable launchpad for a career in the media. 

It is an engaging mix of group and individual activities with classroom learning delivered from our facilities at the Media Centre in Cotmanhay, Ilkeston.

Being a producer is much more than making a cuppa or two! Producers are the backbone of radio shows, ensuring smooth running and helping to create content.

From undertaking and organising interviews to creating audio and video content for use on-air and on social media, our production skills course will teach you all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating a show.



BRANDING and its importance both on-air and off-air

CONTENT CREATION through finding and researching ideas

WRITING FOR RADIO and how communicating differs from other forms of media

VOX POPS to gauge opinions and provide a voice for your listeners

LIVE REPORTS from on-location reporters at news stories or events

COLD CALLING and finding a spokesperson for a news story or feature

WORKING WITH PR to turn approaches from PR firms into quality content

BROADCAST RADIO STUDIO with technical and broadcast mixing desk training

GUESTS arranging times for interviews and preparing guests

INTERVIEWS live in-person or pre-recorded and interviews via phone or Skype

EDITING AUDIO and delivering succinct radio packages

RUNNING ORDERS for presenters and the entire show production team

AUDIENCE – why knowing your audience is key

SOCIAL MEDIA as a complimentary medium to your broadcasts

LEGAL knowledge on what can and cannot be broadcast


£99 per person (Ask about our payment plan option to spread the cost)
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